Feel like a little laugh

Breaking news!!!

Security agencies have alerted dat boko haram have got code number printed on Recharge Card. If you load the card ur phone will automatically install a boko haram powered app. Which will enable them to automatically get ur location and details.

Pls if you buy a Recharge Card send it to me for verification. Most especially mtn. Ur life is so important to me .

Don’t thank me. What are friends for.🙈

A story I Am still developing

She saw what she saw,  and she knew what she saw… But no one belived her.
She tried telling Mama what she saw But Mama gave her a patient smile and suggested they visit the doctor tomorrow.  The good doctor was kind and often sneaked her sweets But he too thought she needed medical help. She tried telling paddy her brother But he looked at her in that way he manages to do only to her  and told her he will always protect her, she knew he would But How can he protect her from what he can’t see? No doubts everybody in town now thinks she has gone wacko again and looks at her sympathetically.
Her friends too are now making excuses to keep from going out with her.
She wonder if Dad had thought her was nuts when she told him what she saw before he died, he had acted as Though he understood and even believed her and had told her to go to grams whenever the demons came again and he wasnt here, now he is gone and the demons are here again But she couldn’t risk telling grams, she was the only